Panel Rules and Guidelines

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Panel Rules and Guidelines

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:20 pm

ZipCon 2014: Panel Rules and Regulations

  • Time
    The panel must be 50 minutes in length, allowing 5 minutes for set-up and tear down. For increased panel time, contact the Head of Live programming to check for available slots (up to 2 hours including set-up and tear down).

  • Content
    Panels must have a structured, pre-planned, discussion and topic run by a moderator. The panelists must all be well versed on their topic, and have a decent knowledge of the information covered (this may include doing research prior to holding the panel). Any plans that you have regarding the panel should be included on the submission form.

  • Age Restrictions
    The majority of the panelists MUST be at least 18 years old. Make sure that all panels are properly rated. For example, if you are running a panel that is PG-13 and under, you should not be swearing profusely or showing inappropriate content. If you are unsure as to what your panel should be rated, you may contact the Head of Live Programming or the Con-Chair.
    If you are holding an 18+ panel, ID's must be checked upon entry. If you are found allowing minors into an 18+ panel that you are running, or not checking for ID's, the panel will be cancelled immediately and further punishment may be determined by the Con Chair.

  • Duplicate Panel Submissions
    In the case of two panels being submitted with very similar content, one of two things may occur:
    1) The panelists may choose to work together on the panel, and combine their ideas as long as they are sure to get it approved by the Head of Live Programming in advance. This will include filling out a new panel submission form, and will not jeopardize the possibility of your placement in the schedule so long as it is turned in within 1-2 weeks of the initial submission.
    2) If they cannot work together, the Head of Live Programming will review both of the panel submissions and determine which one will be used at the convention. If necessary, this may include a short interview of both of the panelists.

  • Scheduling
    A specific time slot may be requested on the submission form, however, it is not guaranteed. Slots are limited and fill up promptly, so the earlier the panel is submitted, the higher chance you will have of getting your desired time slot.

  • Late Submissions
    If a panel is submitted after panel registration officially closes, it will be put on a wait list. One to two weeks prior to the convention, panelists will be contacted and informed whether or not they are on the wait list. If they are, the panelists need to come to the convention prepared to step in for another panel in the case of cancellation or if the original panelist does not show. Time slots are not able to be requested at this stage, the panel will simply be put in wherever it is needed.

  • Disciplinary Action
    If a panel is found breaking any rules or showing content inappropriate to its rating, it will be cancelled on the spot and replaced by a panel from the wait list. Depending on the severity of the offense, panelists may risk losing their badges (in this case, no refunds will be provided to those who paid) and/or being banned from holding panels at ZipCon in the future. In other words, don't go showing graphic pornography in a PG panel.


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