The Department of Guest Relations FAQ

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The Department of Guest Relations FAQ

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 01, 2013 3:56 am

The Department of Guest Relations FAQ

Welcome to the Department of Guest Relations, here you will find a brief account of the department. My name is Cameron E. Carlson a former president of Akron Animation Association and currently with Anime on In my time working for conventions and interviewing I have met a lot of great guests. As such I will be using that to acquire guest for ZipCon 2014.  So what are some commonly ask questions?

Q. Will ZipCon have guest?
        A. Yes we will being having guest.
Q. Will the guest be signing Autographs?
        A. The guest will sign autographs at appointed times in the program as directed by Live Events.
Q. What can I have signed by the guest?
        A. Anything the guest has worked on say a show, a program guide to his/her play, artwork they   may have done.
Q. How many things can I have signed?
        A. Please limit your items to two as other Attendees would like to also meet the guest.
Q. Can I take a picture with the guest?
        A. Yes you can but please ask the guest first before and allow the handler to take the picture.
Q. Will the guest be doing panels?
        A. Yes they will be and will be working with Live Events.  

As another note please do not share baked goods with the guest or other gifts. If you wish to give a gift it must be approved by staff and guest relations beforehand.

Thanks for stopping by the Guest Relations department and hope to see you at ZipCon 2014.


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