Dealer's Room Policies

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Dealer's Room Policies

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Dealer’s Room Policies

Adult Material:
- As this may be a family event, dealers should be wary of their displays
- If the display is considered inappropriate or there are complaints, the dealer must remedy this
- Dealers get ONE warning.
- If it happens more than once, more severe actions will be taken
o dealer may have to pack up material or cover offensive material
- Selling adult material to minors will be cause for immediate eviction
- Dealers MUST CHECK ID for all customers looking at 18+ material
- Dealers DEFINITELY MUST CHECK ID for all customers buying 18+ material
*If shoplifting or suspicious activity occurs, contact the closest Zipcon staff member or security officer. It will be handled with all due respect and consideration to the dealer*

Weapons sales:
- No airsoft/projectile weapons may be sold
- No live steel weapons may be sold
- Nothing with a sharp, dangerous, or shiny blades may be sold
- Wooden swords and shinai may be sold  
- If vendor is selling weapons (pre-approved) vendors must provide sealable or sealed-by-tape containers
- Pre-approval of weapon's sales: check in, report to security for weapons approval
- PLEASE BE AWARE: it is strongly advised that dealers who intend to sell weaponry should contact Zipcon security via email to obtain a list of allowed inventory before the con. Failure to contact security for approved inventory may result in the dealer having to return merchandise to vehicle.
- Weapons sales then must be taken (by customer) to customer's car
- No dealer may sell projectiles, ammunition, or air canisters for airsoft or other gas-powered guns in the Dealer’s Room. Violation of this policy may result in expulsion from Zipcon and forfeiture of dealer fees.

Bootlegging and pirating:
- Bootlegging and pirating will not be tolerated. It is not a supported practice and thus will not be allowed at the con.
- Any violation will come with a single warning, at which time the exhibitor will be asked to remove the offending advertising. Failure to comply or a subsequent violation may result in removal from the convention and forfeiture of all fees.
- The selling of legitimate products and services is allowed and encouraged though.
Events requiring crowd control:
- Any event requiring crowd control  must give notice at least 60 minutes in advance to dealer’s room coordinators
- Events may be moved or stopped if considerable safety concerns arise
- Furthermore, wholesale distribution of any promotional materials (including but not limited to leaflets, DVD sample disks, catalogs, and coupons) must take place at least twenty feet from the entrances and exits of the Dealer’s Room.

Items that CANT be sold:
- Knockoff or bootleg material of any sort (including videos)
- Any posters, idol cards, etc., which read "Kodak", "Fuji", etc. on the back.
- Unlicensed reproductions of any products actually released by an American company
- Live steel weapons, projectile weapons, and any weapons not pre-approved by security
- Food, snacks or beverages
- Any violation will come with a warning, at which time you will be asked to remove the offending merchandise from the Dealer’s Room. The Dealer’s Room Coordinator reserves the right to request the removal of any item that he/she believes to be of questionable nature from the dealer’s table until its authenticity can be verified. Failure to comply, or a subsequent violation, is cause for removal from the convention and forfeiture of all fees.

Items that CAN be sold:
- Any products featuring your own creations.*
- Any legitimately licensed imported merchandise.
- Any properly licensed US products.
- Commissioned and hand-drawn works. *
- Unique, individual, hand-made items. *
- Doujinshi, fanzines, and similar items. *
o These items fall under the rules for The Alley and Art Show regarding “fan art” and similar items; please see those rules for additional guidance. We remind you that it is your responsibility to determine whether you are in compliance with various intellectual property laws and statutes.

If you have any questions about the Ohio state tax laws-
Ohio state Comptroller’s office: (312) 360-8800

Ohio state licensing information
All Dealers are required to have all legal forms filled out in order to sell in the state of Ohio as well as participate in the Dealer's Room.

Advanced shipping:
Neither Akron University nor the Akron Animation Association are able to receive packages before the convention. Dealers may wish to ship merchandise ahead of time to the hotels where they are staying. You will be responsible for any and all fees if you take advantage of this service.
Many hotels will accept advance shipments. Contact individual hotels to determine if a hotel accepts advance shipments, and what special instructions must be followed in order for the hotel to receive advance shipments. You will be responsible for any and all fees if your hotel charges for this service.

Suggested Procedures for Dealers’ Protection of Valuables
Akron Animation Association, with help from Akron University, will provide as secure a Dealer’s Room as possible. The number of attendees and the venue make it impossible for us to offer bag check in the Dealer’s Room, but convention staff will continue to monitor the room during all public hours. Please take extra precautions in the placement of your merchandise and cash to guard against the possibility of theft. Dealers are responsible for their own property, merchandise and money. Akron Animation Association and the University of Akron and its personnel assume no liability for loss or damage including but not limited to merchandise, equipment, or revenue.

Suggestions for First Time Dealers
- Try to carry things that people can’t find at home.
- Carry a range of items: some inexpensive and some more expensive items.
- Bring a handcart to run your goods in from your vehicle. The University of Akron cannot provide handcarts.
- Bring a calculator or cash register and change. One and five dollar bills go fast, and neither the University of Akron or Akron Animation Association supply change.
- Hand out fliers or business cards and/or get an advertisement in the Program Book. It helps people find your store or Web site after the con.
- Bring a drop cloth to cover your table.
- Hand out receipts for what you sell. If you do not have receipts but you have your merchandise labeled with a price on the product, you can instead use a permanent marker and in some way check-off or use a symbol to indicate that the product has been sold. It helps security with potential shoplifters.
o If you require more help with this, please contact dealer's room heads for an explanation or demonstration.
- Make cash deposits/drops on a regular basis. Hotels have safe deposit boxes for guests and there are many banks in the downtown Akron area.
o Please note: as this convention is being held on a Saturday, you may not be able to make cash deposits. Please bring a lock box or other secure container to store and monitor your cash and valuables.
- Have at least two people working your booth(s). You’ll need to get away from the booth at some point, guaranteed.
o If you do not have a partner, a volunteer can act as a gofer for you, but will not supervise your table. If you must leave your table and you do not have a partner, you must contact the dealer's room heads so that they may supervise in your short absence.
- Bring bottled water. We will be unable to regulate the temperature of the room and have no way of knowing what temperature it will be. However, while water fountains are available, most people prefer to bring their own supply of water.
o It is advisable to bring a sweater and (if desired) a small battery-run fan to be prepared for any temperature.
- Don’t raise your prices because it’s a convention. You’ll probably be competing against other dealers for prices.
- Don’t show up and sell only videotapes. Unless you sell at a discount, cons aren’t great places to clear out those old tapes that weren’t moving back home.
- Don’t show up and sell only comics. Especially superhero comics.
- Don’t sell merchandise from your hotel room. It may violate state and city law as well as possible hotel policies. It is also highly unsafe.  
- Don’t sell prohibited merchandise “under the table” or “take orders” for the same that are filled at a later date. If we catch you, we will evict you.


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